Google home preventing managed users using smart things devices

Any ideas on how to get around the restriction Google has put on managed accounts which prevents users using smart things?

I have my kids managed by family link and Google has changed access to devices on kid accounts. I’ve given permission for voice activation etc but it won’t let the kids control any devices with their voice anymore.

Google response with “sorry I can’t reach smart things right now”

I think it has some things to do with smart things not having family friendly actions.


This might not give you what you want since it could open up access to other Google home features that you don’t want your kids to be able to get to, but the most common workaround I’ve seen posted in other forms is to remove the individual child from the individual device. at that point they can use that device to turn smart lights on and off again.

But again, that may not give you the end result you want. I think this is something you’ll probably have to ask Google support about since it seems to be a decision on their side. :thinking:

(I do have a friend with preteen kids who uses Google parental controls, but primarily to control their access to video content. So they also have a Google nest mini in the kids room, which is not supervised. Since it doesn’t have a screen, they were willing to go without parental controls on that one in order to let the kids have voice control of the lights in their room.)

Thanks and appreciate the response. I removed the voice match and now my Spotify play list has been destroyed with Taylor Swift songs :rofl:

I tried Google support and they’re hopeless.

Just hoping there may be something I’ve missed.


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