Google Home Native Commands have the same name as ST routines

My current smart setup includes a google home, logitech harmony hub, smartthings hub, and 2 smart light switches.

I created a routine in ST called “Turn Everything On”. I have this tied to my 2 smart light switches and 1 activity from my harmony hub.

When i execute this routine from the ST app, it works flawlessly.

However, when i say “Hey Google, turn everything on” or Hey Google, turn on turn everything on", Google home turns on the 2 smart light swtiches and turns on all harmony hub activity’s.

It seems Google home has a native command for “Turn Everything On”. Is there a way to override this command so that it runs the ST routine?

Interesting. Here’s my take on this scenario, as a general concept: where there is a conflict between a voice control system and an automation system, give the priority to Voice control. You can always rename your ST “everything on” routine Fred or Martha or something, so it does not conflict… and then add the individual devices into the GH “everything on” command. IF google allows it, that is (Alexa does).

I’ve renamed all my rooms in SmartThings, and all my routines, to accommodate Alexa. Voice control should be as natural as possible; you should never be giving screwy names or assignments in your voice control system just because your HA system happened to arrive first.

Dunno if that helps…

Google Home’s everything on command turns on everything in its list that can be turned on. It is only configurable in as much as you can limit it by not allowing google home access to a device. But then, you cannot control that device at all.

I just created a virtual switch and use that switch to call the routine in ST. (I also have the routine turn off the switch when it runs so that I can use it again)

Then I created another virtual switch that has a different name to trigger a routine to cut everything off.

Then, you can create some fun google shortcuts if you want (For instance, I have “let there be darkness” trigger the switch to cut the all the lights in the house off, “turn on the sun” to cut all the lights on, and “open the shuttle bay door” is amusing to friends and family for opening my garage door… ). This way, it does not matter what you name the virtual switch as long as it does not have the name of another device, or routine.

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