Harmony + GE switch integration

I apologize if this has been asked before. I’m relatively new to Smartthings and home automation in general. So far I only have a couple smart bulbs working on timing programs with my hub.

I have a Harmony Smart Control with the hub, and an echo dot. Ideally, I want to be able to say something like “Alexa, watch a movie” and have it run through the current Harmony activity, but also control the GE dimmer switch and set the dimmer to something like 30% power.

I’m not sure if this is accomplished using the Harmony app or Smartthings app. I do have Harmony talking to Smartthings already and vice versa, so any help is appreciated. Thanks

You can do it either way. Harmony app is much slower and annoying. I would create routine in smartthings and turn on a harmony activity in that routine, as well as set the light level in the routine. I have an “ok google, Netflix and chill” routine that dimms the living room to 10%, kills the lights in adjacent rooms, runs the harmony activity i named ’ watch Netflix’ which turns on the TV to Netflix waits a few seconds then presses play. It also makes the a/c a little cold for snuggles wink wink. I’m working on a relay to recline the couch, but that’s for another day :neutral_face:. Similarly, I have a goodnight routine that turns off all Lights, tvs, cableboxes, sets the alarm, locks the doors, etc. When I say ok google, goodnight.

Google home uses verbal shortcuts, so alexa might need to be asked alexa turn on watch a movie routine or something similar. Whatever you name the routine. You can also group a harmony activity with switches and lights in the same room to make “shortcut” like naming a room ‘the lights’ and putting all lights into that room, to say Alexa turn off the lights.