Google home mini not integrating

Hi all

I have two Google home devices connected to my smartthings hub along with various bulbs outlets switches etc they all work fine.

yesterday I added a Google home Mini but I can’t get it to fully integrate. it will answer questions, pay music and send music to other speakers in my house I the other Google homes devices but it won’t control anything integrated with my smartthings hub.

I have tried removing my Google account from smartthings and vice versa and reinstalling I’ve tried restarting my smartthings hub and restarting the Google home and rebooting it but to no avail . what can I do feels like this should be so easy?

. only idea of what it could be is - my husband logged into the home mini first when setting it up although I did then log into it myself with my Google account.

Please help

I actually had to integrate twice, once with my phone and another time with my wife’s in order for it to work for both of us. This also means guests can’t control things, and that’s actually a bit of a plus in book. No worries about someone yelling through the door to trigger events.

Ah yes so my husband set up first and then I added my account too so we
are both registered on it.

Just wonder3d if this prob could be any th ing to do with him registering
with it first when he set it up.

Hmm, I started with one google home and added 6 minis. After the first google home was working, we each took turns linking and enabling google assistant on the other minis and they worked, though I recall I had to force the address to the same location for it to work. My wife had a different (house) address, and whoever registers first sets the location of that google mini so if you have different home addresses in your google account, the order you activate matters. You can go into the settings of the google mini and fix that, or just remove all accounts and repeat. This is probably to allow you to have google minis only talk to home automation in the same house in case you have lots of properties each with a “living room light”. I had one that was registered in the wrong order that didn’t work, I only noticed when I asked about the weather, and it reported the forecast from the wrong city.

Hmm we’ve both got the same address so i guess thats not the problem.

its also worth noting that sometimes it responsds in an american accent

Hello All,

did you resolve this issue? I have same issue.

I have bought 2 google mini and have linked them to my google home app. I also have linked my SmarThings account to my google home App. It shows up ok on my google home app with all my connected things.

The issue I have is a can control my things from google assistant voice control on my Android phone. BUT when I try to use google assistant through my google mini it says ‘I cannot do that at this moment I am learning’.

The only way I got voice control to control my things (through google mini ) is if I create an applet to open and another applet to close ($ lights) with IFTTT.

Shouldn’t all connected devices in smarthings not need any applets for basic controls like open and close with google mini?

thank you

Same problem here :frowning:

Lars helped me out. Simple solution. You have to reboot the Google mini. The little button on the bottom. Press it until it reboots. And everything worked fine after.