Google mini not controlling ST devices

I’ve recently installed a mini. I’ve linked my ST account and see all my lights, switches etc in Google Home. But when I ask Google to turn on a light I get told no lights have been set up yet.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Potentially a naming issue. Do the names of your devices include the word light or lamp in them? If not, for example, and one is called Torchere then try asking for Google to turn on the Torchere and see what happens.

Google doesn’t know or care what the device is. It’s interpreting what is a isn’t a light based on it’s name.

Thanks, I just tried that without success. I am able to control devices with IFTTT and ST, just not directly.

Just for the heck of it can you give me an example of how one of these devices is named and what phrase you use to ask it to turn on? I have had this happen at my home but only occasionally and always due to something I said not jiving with the actual name of the device.

I have a device name living room lamp and I say, “hey Google, turn on
living room lamp.” Google replies that the device doesn’t seem to be set up
yet and refers me to Google home. But it is set up.

It shows up in my list of Smartthings on Google home and I can control the
light with an IFTTT/ST applet. So Google assistant is interfacing with
IFTTT directly, but for reasons unknown, not directly with ST.

Do you have the google assistant installed, and what google account are you using (ie: a native google account, or a hosted G Suite account)?

I’m using Google assistant through the Google mini. It’s my normal account
associated with Gmail, Google+, photos, play, etc.

I’ve also had this same problem on Iris, my daughter opened the mini when we bought it, set it up and then I came along and linked my iris to it. Said the same thing. I reset the mini, started fresh with just my account and linked it up and it works flawlessly.

Is anyone else linked up with the mini?

I have 5 Google Home mini’s and all work fine… once I resolved a G Suite permissions issue.

I’m beginning to believe it is a Google issue. I’ve connected direct to
Wemo and Hue. I see the devices in Google Home, but get the same message
stating that no devices are configured. I’m going to take it up with Google
support. Thanks for helping with suggestions that pointed me in the right

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