Google Home Hub as Wall Control Panel?

I’ve been thinking about using ActionTiles on a tablet for a while but haven’t had the time to do it. But seeing as there is now Google Home hub which essentially is a tablet with Google Assistant and I am assuming it can connect to smart things, has anyone used google home hub as their control panel? has anyone managed to get google home hub integrated into a wall?

We are impatiently waiting for Google Home Hub to be updated to include a browser, so that it would be able to display ActionTiles. At the moment there is no way to use it for ActionTiles. We will let out users know when this happens.

The Home Hub is really not meant to be mounted, it’s designed for a desktop use. Amazon Fire tablets are our most popular display devices. There is a number of mounting hardware options available for different budgets.

For mounting ideas, there are lot’s of posts on the ST Community forum, ST Users Group, and ActionTiles forum. I’m sure you will find something that works for you.


Hi Alex,

Any update on this? I am reading in some places, that the Home/Nest hub has a browser some sort of.



In what “places” do you read this?

If you can’t navigate to then, no, it won’t work.

You can do this in Firefox on Amazon Echo Show (5" and 10").

If I search for web browser in Nest hub, this article comes up.

I don’t own a Nest Hub (yet), but looking at options how to use it. The current Black Friday price is really tempting.


Home Hub doesn’t offer any on-screen keyboard, and there’s no option to dictate text input.

Therefore, you can’t login to ActionTiles.

I assume that it has a the same saved password option as any other Chrome browser.

Has it been tested?


You can be optimistic, but we still doubt this is possible (not yet, anyway).

I’m using google home hub for exactly that (some sort of control panel, dashboard) and it works pretty well. I personally like the user interface: clean, simple and elegant.

I have one at the kitchen and one on each room (bedside).
I got the touch screen dashboard experience all around the house and as a bonus: voice commands and a nice picture frame.

Contrary to Amazon echo you don’t have to wait for the “smart home app” to load. You just swipe and it is right there (as seen here:
You can also browse devices by room (

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This is possible with since they have integrated their own keyboard which you can use on your home hub. Would be great if the login interface of action tiles supported their own keyboard to provide inputs & login

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