Google Home - Command set

I am using Google Home here in the UK. On the whole all seems to work well. My problem is if I want to open Garage door I have to say “turn Garage Door On” rather than “open Garage Door” i’m sure theres a workaround but I cant find it. Any help appreciated.

You may want to engage with IFTTT where you can define the syntax to trip a virtual switch, then use an app like Google Home Helper to open or close the door based on your command.

IFTTT can directly take a phrase like “open the garage door” and use that phrase to turn on the garage door switch. No virtual switches needed.

Is that accurate? When I use IFTTT door actuators (like the Linear Garage Door Opener) are not present. In which case I have to have a virtual switch (which IFTTT DOES recognize) that then trips the Open or Close command for the garage door.

I assume a switch set up as a garage door would work in this way natively; however, @davidj seemed to imply he has a real garage door actuator.

Maybe it depends on the DTH. I’m using @brbeaird MyQ Lite DTH and it supports on/off directly.

Understood…however that only works when the door is represented by a switch. A Linear door opener can’t be added to IFTTT, so some intermediary method is necessary to open the door…And it was a plug for my Google Home Helper app :slight_smile:


THanks for help, IFTTT did’nt work, I’ll try to use the Google Helper app. Thanks for advice.

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Struggling to understand concept of Google Helper App. Im sure its a real baic error on my part or a lack of appreciation how the helper works.
I have now installed and followed the installation instructions. I assume I’ve done it right. As I say above I am merely trying to say “ok Google open main gate” with no integration (out of the box) I can say “ok Google turn on main gate”, but that makes no sense… Though it certainly works.
In the Home Helper I created a scenario called “Main Gate GHome”, I selected in the scenario type Devices and selected the Main gate relay. I then selected in Google Home under ST my created Virtual Switch (Main Gate GHome).
I have created a simple phrase in IFTTT as follows - If You say ““ok Google, open main gate””, then Switch on Main Gate GHome.
However when I to call the command it doesn’t understand me.
Thanks for help.

I would recommend putting this into the Google Home Helper section as it appears you are using my app ([RELEASE] Google Home Helper).

That being said, are you able to see the switch being toggled when you trigger the IFTTT process?

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Sorry thinking this through. I guess if I click on the virtual switch in ST it should activate the Gate, it doesn’t. I guess I need to play further…