Google, garage door/gate/blind/shade open & close

There are a few posts on this but with no solution. Has anyone manged to use a open/close command in google to open/close a door/blind/shade/gate?

i was looking in smartthing git hub to see what caabilityes are supported but cant find the app in there

Create a Routine in the Google Home app, when you say “Open door/blind/shade/gate”, it turns on door/blind/shade/gate.

would need two, and then to duplicate it on the other 1/2’s google account. but an idea i guess

Google Home sees my Fibaro controlled garage door as a switch which I have named “garage door motor” (as distinct from my separate “garage door” open/close sensor) so I just say “turn on the garage door motor” which works fine but does sound a bit clumsy.

i have simalar setup turn on OPEN garage door and Turn on CLOSE garge door, but bit cluncky.
with this ive made them a bit better, and hoped i could finish if off with GH itergration

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