Google Home and Multiple IFTTT Applets

I have recently been messing around with IFTTT. Rally fun to use and like being able to say specific phrases to Google Home. However, I am puzzled by something that I am hoping someone can help me with.

I have many smart outlets along with switches in my kitchen. I realize that in order to trigger multiple devices with one phrase (I.E. Hey Google, Night Night) you need to create multiple Applets with the same recipe to turn off the devices you want (Island, Under Cabinet lights, Table Light). However, after doing this it seems to only be triggering one of the 3 Applets I created. Am I missing something obvious?

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m sure someone with more experience on IFTTT will chime in with some advice for you. I will tell you though that there is a smatapp called Google Home Helper that will allow you to do this. There is excellent documentation for the app that takes you thru the process of creating a virtual switch and using that to trigger routines via Google Home. Here is a link to the discussion thread in case your interested.

Thanks for the info Phil. This kinda of worked. But also caused some issues. I am going to keep playing around with Home Helper but again, thanks for the lead.

If your need any help with Google Home Helper, reach out to @MichaelS . He is very responsive and will help you resolve any issues with the app.

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Thanks PhilB…appreciate the confidence!

Couldn’t you just use a virtual switch in ST and link that to Google home. Then use the Core or Big Switch app to link everything?

Indeed you could…Google Home Helper was created while Core was still being developed as was more of a ‘targeted’ solution instead of a tool that you had to configure to get operational. Some of the most common tasks can be done with GHH, including the creation of a virtual switch within the app (something Core can not do). However, if you are savvy, there is nothing keeping you from associating a virtual switch with Core and having its activity trigger other actions.

Good call!