Linear Garage Door opener and Google home

Has there been any update to making the Linear Garage Door opener and google Home with SmartThings Hub to see each other instead of setting up a virtual switch?

So I know this is a very old question, but the answer is finally “yes!”

Google’s recent update to their Android Home app finally sees things other than just switches. I can now ask Google Assistant “what’s the temperature in the garage?” and “is the garage door closed?” It still will not open or close the door, but these other new features are a huge improvement.

It was the new Google Home update that prompted me to find a solution to the missing “hey Google, open the garage door” feature. So I wrote a SmartThings device handler and SmartApp to convert a Z-Wave relay into a Google Assistant operated garage door opener button.

I started a thread at Hey Google, open the garage door
and the code is available at