Google Home automations with Neato not Working

In the same way as Alexa, Google Home has also been allowing automation for some time. I use it for those devices that can’t be integrated directly with Smartthings of course. All good with automations, Tuya and Broadlink, but I have problems with the automations that concern Neato.
I have simple automations just to sync the state between google home and Smartthings, a virtual device named after the device on google home that turns on or off based on what happens in google home.
The Neato automation, which turns on the robot if I turn on the virtual device from smartthings works, the same automation instead that deactivates the virtual device if it is the robot via google home that says it turns off, it doesn’t work, or rather, it doesn’t work until I don’t open the google home app on my phone.

I had tried to ask for info in the topic dedicated to Neato, a user seems to have no problems, could it be that it depends on the state where you are? I’m in Italy, but it seems strange to me. Could it be a lack of Neato integration with Google Home? I also tried with Alexa, but not creating a device on Alexa, I don’t know how to automate the thing.