Google Home automations for use in SmartThings

With the closure of Groovy, I lost many custom integrations I had, one of them being Neato for my vacuum cleaner.
Here we talk about it, [RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series) - #990 by Diegocampy (link at le last post and consider same thing possible to automate in Smartthings turning on any device not compatible with Smartthings but that you see in Google Home)
but I put the link only for those who are interested, my question here is more general on Google Home.

Now that Google home allows automation related to the change of state of a device, I created a virtual device in Smartthings that simulates the vacuum cleaner, and created rules in goole home to turn on the vacuum cleaner when this virtual device in Smartthings changes state .

This works
This not work

By dint of testing I discovered that when the change starts from Smartthings and gives the order to Google home everything works autonomously (if virtual switch ON, neato vacuum cleaner ON), if on the contrary the order starts from Google and must give the Input to Smartthings doesn’t work (if vacuum cleaner OFF, virtual switch OFF).
More precisely it doesn’t work autonomously, it only works when I go to open the google home app, and at that moment the integration with Neato updates the status and shows it on or off and if the status has changed then the automation starts.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? I’d like to understand if it’s my problem, or if it’s a limitation of google home. Thank you

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I have seen what you are reporting, but it seems to depend on what other platform is being linked back to ST.

Tuya/SmartLife and Vizio TV seem to report back to ST most of the time.

myTS and Halo Home don’t seem to report back to ST unless the app is open.


Thanks for asking, it looks like it, but my knowledge is limited as to which ones work all the time and which only work when the app is open. I thought it was down to Google, but as I understand it now, it’s down to the service associated with it.
For tuya I confirm it works (I do it for a svaglia radio with bulb seen on google but not on ST),
same for Broadlink which I use for a second TV,
Neato I can therefore say no from my experience. Do you recommend any tricks to get around this problem? Neato exposes the API but I don’t know if this would help.

Sorry I don’t know anything about Neato.

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here it works for others. what could be my problem, do you have any idea?[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series) - #987 by tmielonen