Losing SmartApp "Switch Activates Home Phrase"

I’m super disappointed and hope there will be some kind of workaround for this… Anyone have thoughts…?

I’m currently using this smartapp as an interface between IFTTT and SmartThings. For example, when I leave the house, I tell Google Home, “i’m leaving.” This phrase triggers IFTTT (google assistant) to turn on the away switch I created with SmartThings. In SmartThings when this switch is flipped on, the smartapp activates “away” mode. Now, it appears that I won’t be able to do this anymore (it won’t be supported after July 5th). I have many examples like this that trigger on alarms and devices not perfectly integrated with SmartThings. This hub is an inch from the trashcan at this point and this will definitely push it in.

well, hell. I found another app that does the same thing… if I could delete the original post, I would. Sorry for the spam :wink:

I don’t have google home but if it’s anything like Alexa devices, just make a routine that’s triggered by your virtual switch. You tell google to turn on your switch, then ST runs your routine, which can change your mode or do whatever else you want.

I’m pretty sure this smartapp was created before routines could be triggered by a switch turning on. It doesn’t serve much of a purpose anymore.

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You can always install the app from the github - it just won’t be published by ST

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Thanks @ady624…I did talk to SmartThing about this…I am actually all for this as I didn’t realize until they showed me you can now trigger Routines directly (which can also change modes) based on switch changes…so, this app is really no longer needed…

While sad (it was my first app published), it is the right thing to do…

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yup. that works. i don’t need the app. appreciate it :slight_smile:


Sure no prob. I still periodically get the urge to throw my hub in the trash, just for other reasons.

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Also google home’s shortcut feature can allow you to cut ifttt out if would like. When i tell it “im heading out” it knows im really saying “turn on alarm system to away” and turns on a virtual switch called alarm system to away which is set to arm the system after a delay.

yeah, good callout… I’ve played with shortcuts, but keep forgetting about it. lol