Google Assistant & SmartThings Status Report HELP!

I am trying to get some assistance with my Google Assistant.
I would like to get a “status report” for a group of things. I can see the status of each thing or sensor but I would like to hear the status of each and incorporate that into Google Assistant.
Basically here is what I want to do:

Me: Hey Google, are all of my doors closed?
Google: No, your basement door is open.

Me: Hey Google, it’s bedtime.
(all windows and doors closed = true)
Google: Ok, all of the doors and windows are closed. I have switched the home to Night Mode.
(window or door open = false)
Google: I’m showing that the basement door is open. Check the door and get back to me.

I have tried IFTTT and Stringify but I am unable to find something that speaks the status of a group of devices with Google Assistant.

I am currently using SmartThings v2 and I have a control panel set up with Action Tiles, Big Talker, and LANouncer.

Any Ides?!?!?! I’m losing sleep over this. lol

Do you webcore? Mocked this up real quick… Maybe you can use it as a framework.


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Thanks for the help! I just got started with my smart home in December. There is a lot of cool stuff to do. This is shaping up to be a great hobby!
I haven’t heard of webcore until now. A quick search for it and it looks like this is exactly what I am looking for.
Thanks again!!!

oh man! You’re in for a addiction journey!!

Good luck!

Also, if you haven’t dealt with webcore yet, I would suggest starting off with some simpler pistons and save the expressions and more advanced stuff for when your familiar with the concepts.

Again, have fun!!

Thanks for the tip! This will open up a whole new level of obsession! WebCore looks really fun and I can’t wait to get started on it

For anyone else searching, I found this post very useful.