How to report the status of multiple devices?

My ultimate goal is to be able to say ‘Alexa, turn on house status’ and have it respond: The garage door is open, the front door is closed, internal temperature is xx, outside temperature is yy’, and so on. I have the TTS working and can trigger on voice commands, but can’t find any way to report on multiple devices. Something like 'If switch ones is closed, speak 'THE DOOR IS CLOSED, if open speak 'THE DOOR IS OPEN. Followed by 'if switch 2 is closed, speak THE WINDOW IS CLOSED, and so on. Anyone see any examples of this being done?

For The first part of your question, take a look at the excellent AskAlexa smart app by @MichaelS.

For second part of your question, take a look at bigtalker by @rayzurbock

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Thanks @cuboy29 for the shout out…You are correct…Ask Alexa has some excellent reporting skills, and the description of what @Transco is looking for is in alignment with the output of the app…here is a sample of a room I have set up…

The group named, ‘Test’, is reporting the following: All of the switches are off. All of the doors are closed. All of the locks are locked. The average temperature is 72 degrees. The average relative humidity is 58%

Let me know if you need any assistance getting it installed…I would start here:

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