Google assistant - integration with Smatthings incomplete

Hello everyone,

My question is mostly for the developer team but it may be of interest to the community as well.

If I look at Google’s roadmap (published in early 2018) about the devices built into Google Assistant, I’m thinking that smatthings is late.

Indeed, only the heaters, lock, switch and thermostat can be detected by Google assistant while the list of Google 2016 and 2017 shows much more compatible devices.

The shutters will be controllable in 2018 according to Google, Smartthings will have done the necessary?

I’m confused by your question. Are you asking what Google Assistant will support or what SmartThings will support?

For example,
We are in 2018, so normally, Google assistant support sensors, security systems, etc… since 2017 (see the list)
But when i watch in the google assistant smartapp in the smartthings app (see the second picture), i just can set switch, thermostat, lock and heater.

So i think smartthings is late
I am personnaly interesting to ask to google assistant my pool temp (via ds18b20) and from this year, ask for the blinds

So my question is : Is smartthings expected to work on it?

This is a community forum, not a support system. You should contact ST or Google support with your question.

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