Google Home Broadcasts

Hi Google Announced this new features Broadcasts, my questions now will be easy to use Google Home to push notifications from Smartthings?

"Google also took the stage to announce Broadcasts, a small addition that should come pretty handy in times – and pretty annoying at other times. With Broadcasts, you can send a message to your Google Home speakers and have it spoken out loud by the Google Assistant to everyone in the room. To send a broadcast, you just need to say “OK Google, broadcast” followed by the message you want the Google Home to speak out. It’ll be read aloud in the Google Assistant voice instead of your own voice, so it’s not simply broadcasting a simple voice message.

This feature, while it’s actually something really basic, can have many different utilities: you can use a broadcast for telling your friends something in another room, you can use one for waking up your children in the morning, and a lot more!"

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According to Google, this feature is invoked using your smartphone via the Google Assistant, so I see no reason to conclude that it will now be easy…or even possible…to use the feature to push notifications to your Google Home(s) from ST.

Has anyone tried pushing notifications to Google home?

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So the broadcast feature is live. It’s super easy to use from Google Assistant. Any idea if we could get ST to trigger a broadcast?

One potential use case: alarm triggers and Google home broadcasts “the alarm had been triggered, please vacate the premises”.


this got me thinking about triggering Google Home commands in general. Is it possible to trigger Google home commands from ST at all?

Another Use Case: I set up a scene/routine called “welcome home” where the lighting comes on to a certain level when I arrive at home, and google home plays a certain playlist. Or maybe a “good morning” routine, where ST brightens my lights over a period of time, and plays my favorite song on GH at a certain point.

It all comes down to being able to send commands to GH from ST. Just brainstorming at this point, but interested in whether people have had any success with these types of GH integrations… Could this be done with IFTTT? Or would it require Tasker? Or is there some GH SmartApp I don’t know about?

EDIT: I just answered one of my questions myself, I think. IFTTT won’t work because it only has Triggers for GH, not actions.


You can Broadcast form you Google Assist too

Just type or say “Broadcast time to wake up”

I hope as soon we can Broadcast from SmartThings…

I was excited as the having the access to Broadcast API could potentially open the door to Google Home being usable as the output device for CoRE or BigTalker… But it looks like currently you can’t broadcast arbitrary messages. There is a fixed number of scenarios which are recognized and mapped to a handful of messages – lunch time, time to wake up, XXX is on his way etc.

You can broadcast any message… the specific/scripted messages are the ones you use for ‘delightful sounds’ (Google’s description) to be included


Yep. You can broadcast any message and it actually generates a sound clip of your voice for playback. If you type it rather than use voice though then it uses the generic Assistant voice, but even then you can broadcast basically anything.

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How’s this going guys? Anyone made ant progress on this?


It would be great if one could push a button to enable broadcast instead of having to say “OK Google, broadcast…”

Any chance that would be possible?

Not exactly what you are looking for but in regards to notifications via Google home i made a simple tasker task using this tutorial that will execute Google assistant commands, I use it for automatic video casting and door left open notifications from ST.

Hi can you explain how can you did?

I used a combination of tasker and autoinput plugin. Here is the xml that can be imported into tasker.

I haven’t tried it (yet) but it looks like you can probably do this with Google Assistant Relay by POSTing to it.


Yep, I just set it up today and it works much better than my workaround mentioned above.

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Although my work around is the only way to automate media casting like netflix. (“Play the office on bedroom TV” “turn off TV”)