Google account recovery attempts soon after logging into SmartThings app

For the 2nd time in a few months, a few minutes after I had logged onto SmartThings Classic using my Gmail address, I received a notification from Google if I’m trying to recover my account…

It just seems shady. It’s almost like someone in Africa has visibility to the email addresses we use to sign into SmartThings and immediately attempts to hack into them.

Anyone else has this experience? Screen shot attached.

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Why do you have to log in again and again into the SmartThings Classic app?

Are you sure that you haven’t got some malware on your phone which tracks keystrokes or network activity? Any shady apps not from the official sources?

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Because I just got a new tablet. Downloaded ST Classic app and logged in with my gmail account.

What brand of the tablet? Have you got Classic from the PlayStore?
Is the tablet came with any bloatware?

Have you had it before on other device?

It’s a Galaxy Tab A 8.0 that I bought brand new from BB. Downloaded ST Classic from Play Store.

Yes it’s happened once before when I set up my phone quite a while back… I didn’t pay too much attention to it back then.

By any chance, when you did set up the new tablet have you used Google’s method to restore all your settings from your phone, like saved messages, apps, etc.?

You could transfer a malware to the tablet that way. Do you have children who likes to play games on your phone? A dodgy game can be the source of the issue.

Or someone has hacked your wifi/network or you have some malware installed on one of your network connected devices.

Or, you have a Man-In-The-Middle attack. Are you using any (free) VPN services? Then you might want to contact your ISP.

I had before messages from Google telling that someone tried to log in, but not to do recovery. And it was due to some Google applications which were running in the background and were accessing the Google services when I changed networks. But your situation seems to be more serious.

I would change all my passwords (starting with the Wifi one) in your place, but before I would run some Antivirus and Malware search on all my devices. And only secure password, and not reusing them anywhere.
Have I Been Pwned - Check your email address in this database. If it shows up, then definitely change any password which is older than 6 months.

Have you ever had a phone or computer stolen? Then you definitely want to change passwords!

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