Goodnight scene that generates notifications for unlocked/open sensors?

Hi! I’m trying to create a goodnight routine / scene that is triggered by my starting the Goodnight scene that will result in notifications if certain sensors or door locks are open. Basically a security status update when I hit goodnight…any ideas? Thank you!

Like this?

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At our house, we distinguish between location mode “night” (sunset to sunrise for us) and location mode”sleeping,” which gets turned on manually when I go to bed. That way we can trigger a bunch of stuff when the mode changes to sleeping.

If you are self-monitoring for security, I know several people who use the security mode Armed Stay for the same idea. When they switch the house to Armed Stay it will check all the sensors they have pre-selected. That may not work if you have professional monitoring, though, or if you use a siren for a breech. Instead of just a reminder, it’s a full on security alert, whatever you have that set up to be.

You could also just do it with a virtual switch instead of a mode.

But the idea is the same: your trigger event occurs (time of day, location mode change, security mode change, virtual switch turns on, etc), then the system checks the sensors.

If you specifically want a scene, you just put the trigger event into the scene. :sunglasses:


Perfect, thank you so much! The virtual switch is the way I’m going. I’ll trigger the virtual switch on with the scene, and then on the virtual switch create multiple routines such as if the switch is on and Door A is open, send notification “Door A is Open.”

I’m working on getting the security mode going, but some of it is dependent on whether or not we have guests. But I would think that every night, when I hit goodnight, I’ll want to know if any doors are open or unlocked, whether or not the system is armed, so this is perfect. Thanks again for the quick response!

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You may already know the following, but just in case not, here’s how to create virtual devices with the new architecture:

FAQ: Creating Virtual Devices Without the IDE (2023)

Thank you!!

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