Golinear garage door opener on new app

Using the classic app I had no problems deleting or discovering my golinear garage door controller, but since i switched to the new app, the controller will not be recognized. Any ideas?

Do you mean gocontrol which is manufactured by Nortek, which also manufactures linear? Or some other brand?

Not sure, it has linear written on it, looks like it might be gocontrol.

See the FAQ:

FAQ: Question about GoControl--Is it the same as Linear?

(You won’t believe how my screen reader pronounced “GOLINEAR“. LOL! At first I thought it was “Gulliver.“ :rofl: )

Did you exclude the device before trying to pair it again?

Are you using any custom device handlers? If so republish it for sanity just Incase it’s marked stale.

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I completely forgot to exclude it first, after I did that bingo!