GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat wiring problem?!

I purchased the GoControl Z-Wave battery powered thermostat today and am struggling to integrate it. My current thermostat is a Honeywell RTH7600 and works fine, but we would like to have a thermostat that we can adjust on the fly.

I connected it as the directions provided but I only get cold air. I then did some online research and tried a few other wiring configurations and each time the fan would come on but never the heat pump.

The Facts:

  • 4 Wires: Red, Yellow, White, Green
  • R and RC are jumpered
  • I have no C wire, hence, why I needed a battery powered device
  • Photo of the current themrostat is below

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I feel like it’s something really simple and stupid I am overlooking or doing wrong. Figured I could use some good eyes to double check.

right now you are using the green wire as a common ©. Try hooking it up on the new thermostat where it should go the G terminal. O/B should go to the W terminal on the new one and Yellow to Y. Red goes to either R Rc or Rh doesnt matter as it is jumpered.

The current one is configured as follows. The picture i think is misleading. :

Green goes to G
Yellow to Y
White to O/B
Red to R (jumper to RC)

On the new one I have it wired as follows:

Green goes to G
Yellow to Y1
White to O/B
Red to R (jumper to R)

does the new one have a Y1?

Yes, Y1 and Y2.

Gas or electric furnace?

if NOT heatpump

Green goes to G
Yellow to Y1
White to W1 NOT O
Red to R (jumper to R)

Its gas and not entirely sure if its a heat pump, I assume so based on the previous wiring.

I tried wiring it this way, it turns on the AC as well as the Gas.

A gas furnace should be wired that way. If your AC turns on but not the heat check the jumper between the red wire and Rh. You should have a jumper between Rh and Rc or R and R depending on if you are looking at the top of the bottom. (you should be wiring according to the top if you are gas I can almost assure you are a furnace not a heat pump.

heat pumps usually have 6-8 wires

I will double check. Supposedly, according to the manual, there is a jumper automatically setup between R and R on the motherboard.

I dont see one it is usually a physical jumper. Maybe a setting in the thermostat but I doubt it

their wording is messed up. It is a physical jumper maybe your jumper is missing or is already broken. run a wire between Rh and RC to make it work

What is this for then?

it looks broken to me. Notice it looks cut. If it is cut it doesnt work like you need

Ok. Ill just do a jumper and test. I will report back once done.

was this thermostat new and sealed in the box or used or open?

It did not have a cellophane wrapper around it, but it looked new. Lowes has a few others in stock, so I can always go do an exchange.

it may be fine just someone tried it and cut that jumper. I have the Iris (Ct101 or CT100 same thing) and it works well. I got them to price match Amazon too so that saves $20