Honeywell RTH6580 Installation Advise

I am trying to install the Honeywell RTH6580 WiFi thermostat and wanted to find out whether anyone else has faced this situation before.
At the thermostat, I have W, Y, G, RH and RC. There is no separate terminal designation for C.
At the furnace, the wires W, Y and G connected to the respective wires from the thermostat, but RH and RC from the thermostat is connected to the same R terminal in the furnace controller. There is a C terminal in the furnace controller and it is connected to the power and nothing else.
Can I remove the ‘RC’ wire coming from the thermostat and connect it to the C terminal in the furnace and use that as the common wire for the Honeywell WiFi thermostat? Any suggestions?

Furnace wiring:

Thermostat wiring: