ZWave Thermostat that ignores internal sensor; uses remote sensors instead?

I have a poorly placed non-Zwave programmable thermostat in my house so I am looking for a Zwave one that will ignore its internal temperature sensor and instead rely on a remote one that I can place in a better spot. I know the Ecobee 3 can do it but I am looking for something less expensive.

Can someone recommend a Zwave thermostat that can do this that is cheaper than the $200 Ecobee3 with one remote or a way it can be done with a Smart App. I have just started creating Webcore pistons.

Thank you in advance for any help.

I think there is an app called Keep Me Cozy that does what you want. It works with any z-wave thermostat.

Found it! Keep Me Cozy II. That proves that it can be done and I can go ahead and buy the Zwave thermostat and sensor. Next, I will need to find out how the creator did it so I can work with multiple remote sensors or the internal sensor and remote sensor(s).

Thanks for quick response.