GoControl WT00Z-1 aux switch: compatible with GE 3way? scene controller?

The WT00Z-1 is interesting because unlike the GE 12723 add-on switch, it does not require a traveler wire, which allows it to be installed with no connecting wires to master switch.

  1. Can the WT00Z-1 be used with GE 3way switches? Either by using minimote to associate GE master with WT00Z-1 or using WT00Z-1 as one button scene controller through hub to control GE master.

  2. Can WT00Z-1 be used a one button scene controller? Can I associate it with my GD00Z garage door controller so the light is on when the door is open? And use the WT00Z-1 to close my garage door?

I installed a WT00Z-1 accessory switch and added it to ST. I did not associate it with any other switch using a minimote.

It shows up as a dimmer switch in ST.

Anyway, using the Smart Lighting app, I am able to use it to control a Linear WS15Z-1 wall switch so the WT00Z and WS15Z behave like 3way switches. Since I did not associate the WT00Z with the WS15Z, the WT00Z could just as well have been used to control a GE wall switch or anything else include a dimmer wall switch.

Basically, the WT00Z behaves like a one button scene controller, which is very convenient. And since I’m not using association to let the switches talk directly to each other, ST is aware of the correct status of the WS15Z and WT00Z.

I have a similar scenario: I want to use this switch in conjunction with three lights that are individually controlled with a WS15Z-1. Currently I have it programmed that it will switch-on all 3 switches when I switch-on the WT00Z-1 and it will switch-off all three lights when I switch-off the WT00Z-1. But when only one of the single switches is on, switch-off of the WT00Z-1 will not do anything. I need to switch-on the WT00Z-1 (and thus the other two lights) before I can then switch-off all lights altogether.
I looked up the Device Type in the list of devices and it is listed as Type = Dimmer Switch. It should be an Auxiliary Switch, but I cannot find the correspondent type in the drop down list.

Can you give me directions on how to configure the WT00Z-1 as auxiliary switch and not as a regular switch ?

I found the Smart Lighting app did not work right.

I ended up using the Two Way Switch Sync app to sync my master WS15Z-1 switch with my accessory WT00Z-1 switch. The Two Way Switch sync app synchronizes the master and accessory switch states. When you turn either switch on or off, it synchronizes the other switch to the same state.

I only had one master while you have three masters. So I think you will need three instances of the Two Way Switch Sync app, one to sync each WS15Z-1 master switch with the accessory switch. I hope this works for you.

I don’t think that would work either because the sync would switch on all 3 switches.

I don’t really want to operate this switch as a 3way switch but more like a 2 button device:

  • If I press the ON side it sends ON commands to all switches independently of how many are already on.
  • If I press the OFF side, it switches all 3 switches off, independently of the current status.
    The light indicator can stay off all the time.

Maybe I bought the wrong device for this purpose. I wanted one that looked the same, but operates like 2 push buttons. Is there no way to change the device type to behave like this ?

I think the Smart Lighting app will do what you want.

You can configure it so the accessory switch turns ON all three of the master switches and turns OFF all threee master switches. The master switches will work independently of the accessory switch.

Yes, the aux switch can be setup to directly control any other zwave device independent of the hub.

In the garage I have the aux switch controlling a ge switch.

I used a minimote to setup the association.

I am assuming that the go-control is the same as the linear branded switches.

My aux switches are the linear brand and work wirelessly without a traveler wire.


I am new to Smartthings and have installed 3 of the WT00Z-1 aux switches to control my outdoor lights (11 devices) to two different Scenes (Outdoor Lights Bright) and (Outdoor Lights Dark) Thanks Alexa for not realizing that a “Scene” can be turned “Off”. I have run into 2 issues. The first is syncing the 3 locations so that I can turn the scene on or off from each switch regardless of the status of the switch. (I currently have to turn on a switch by pressing the top before I can press the bottom and have it send the “Off” command). The second issue is that Alexa, Smartthings or ActionTiles may have initiated the scene and the switches do not know it. Therefore I need each switch to send an “On” or “Off” command when the button is pressed regardless of the status of the switch. Does anyone know how to configure the WT001-Z to simply send the on and off commands on button press regardless of current state? Help!! Thanks Steve

Problem with GoControl WT00Z-1 Solved

I simply added the desired state for the GoControl to the scene it is controlling. On or Off state in the switch is triggered by the scene that the switch triggered. Any number of GoControl units can be added to the end of the scene to put them in the desired state. Does not matter how the scene is initiated. Definitely a Kluge, but seems to work.