GoControl WADWAZ-1 Door Sensor - Clear Tamper Alert

I replaced the battery in my door sensor and now have “Tamper Alert” showing in the app. How do I clear the Tamper Alert without removing/adding the device back?

Do not see any “refresh” action in the app.
I have tried simple unplug/replug of the hub.

Hub version 3
Android ST App v1.7.94.21

You refresh my pulling down on the device tile after it is opened.

I would reopen and reclose the battery compartment to see if that clears the tamper.

Thanks for the tip on refresh, that does work. Unfortunately this door sensor is still stuck with a Tamper Alert, even after open/close battery compartment.

You might also try removing the battery overnight to see if that helps.

If that doesn’t help then excluding and repairing the device may be your only option.