GoControl Thermostat Scheduling with SmartThings?

I just made the switch from Iris to the SmartThings hub. I have two GoControl thermostats already established in my home with a typical 5-2 Day Programmable schedule already established. I disconnected the thermostats from the Iris hub with no issues.

When I went to connect them to SmartThings I immediately ran into issues. For starters, GoControl is not recognized by auto detect or as a listed brand. I went through the list of thermostats and determined Iris Thermostat is probably the closest so I paired the first GoControl thermostat using the Iris Z Wave Thermostat. It paired very quickly, but when the screen refreshed I had two of the same GoControl thermostat showing on the device screen with the name GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat. I checked them over and they both look identical to each other. Why are there two devices showing with the same details?

Either way, I went to try to set up the first thermostat and I found the scenes functionality. I used it to create a few different scenes which seems similar to the scheduling functionality I had on the Iris smart hub. There’s one thing missing though. I can’t actually set the time/day I want for each scene. I set up scenes for when I leave the house, when I return, and when I go to bed, but there is not actually a way to set up when they go active. I need help in actually figuring out how to set up these scenes to run on a schedule. I wanted to set up different times on a 5-2 Day schedule like Iris, but if SmartThings cannot support that kind of scheduling I’d at least like information on how to change scenes when I do things like leave the house or go to sleep. Please provide instructions on how to set up a schedule by scene or for given time/day. Thanks!

You can use the custom automation creator to activate scenes or individual devices based on many criteria. Day, time, coming/going, mode, etc.

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