GoControl Recessed Ligths not connecting anymore since Tuesday 6/27

Hi all,

The gocontrol recessed lights are using the zigbee dimmer switch driver, which has the newest update from 6/20/23: Zigbee Switch
: f2e891c6-00cc-446c-9192-8ebda63d9898

The exact model number for those lights is: LB65R6Z-1

They worked fine before, have automations running for them, but since last Tuesday (6/27/23) neither the automations nor manual actions are working anymore. No other devices are affected.

The hub was restarted already with all lights being on (used the actual light switch to actually make them light up :flushed: ), hub is still showing them as offline.
Reset the lights too, but no help either.

When trying to remove the lights through the app (forced removal), I get the message that it can’t be removed because it works normally?

Anyone has an idea what else to try to get them to work again?

Thank you!