GoControl GD00Z-4 repeated low battery alerts

For about a month now the Smarthings app on my phone has been throwing “low battery” alerts for my GD00Z-4 garage door opener. The alerts come every other day like clockwork.

I’ve replaced the battery in the tilt sensor twice, each time with a brand new battery straight out of its sealed package.

The device is listed in the IDE as “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener”, using the native device handler (no third-party handlers involved).

How do I stop these alerts? Do I need to “reset” something to tell it that I’ve replaced the battery?

Holy crap…this JUST started with me as well! Same device and same repeated “battery low” messages and i changed it 2 times now just for the heck of it. I even power cycled my main GD device in the garage

Interestingly, I had a notification related to one of my 2 GoControl’s today. On my Android, I can’t see an entire verbose notification, so I’m just surmising that it’s related to the battery. However, I checked my notifications in ST Classic App and that one is not listed. (Are battery notifications populated with the other notifications?)

But this brings up an interesting question. Where do you go to see the battery level in the GoControl tilt sensor? Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see it in the device detail page in the Classic app or in the IDE. The tilt sensor isn’t a separate device.

Same here. Replaced the battery in the tilt sensor and still getting low battery notification. I would say the timeframe is similar; last month to month a half or so. Has anyone tried disjoining and rejoining the GoControl from Smartthings yet?

Same here, GoControl GD00Z-4 repeats low battery alerts after a new battery is installed inside the tilt sensor. :disappointed:

This started happening to me as well. The first time the battery ultimately was dead after about 6 months of use. But I just replaced it 5 days ago and got a low battery alert this morning.

I’ve been getting this on my Utilitech siren for roughly the same time period. Battery within the app currently shows 90%.

What DTH and what hub version are you using? There was a recent update to the stock DTH to handle false 0% alerts specifically for Utilitech sirens

Are you guys still getting the notification? I am starting to get the low battery warning for the tilt sensor at my parents house but it hasn’t been changed in about 2 years and has been working great, so that’s impressive. I have 2 of them at my house that were installed a year ago but the battery percentage doesn’t even show in Smartthings so I guess I won’t know when those get low until I start getting notified. Is there a DTH that will enable the battery monitoring within the app?



Same notification, day after day. Quite annoying.

This DTH reports the battery level but it’ll be either full or low since the device itself doesn’t report intermediary levels:

Did anyone resolve this?? I replaced the battery and still getting alerted.

Same…I’ve replaced it twice. Still get random alerts that it is below 15%.

Just started happening with my GD00Z-4. Anyone have a resolution?

I get them as well. Annoying. Haven’t found a way to even see what the battery level is. So even if you replace the battery, there doesn’t seem to be a way to check the level to confirm the alerts are correct.