Why is my grid powered Zwave garage opener now sending battery low notification?

Hi there,

I have my garage door opener (GoControl Iris) installed for years now.
Except few events of unresponsiveness over the years, all good except that since 2 weeks (and maybe the last hub update), I get notification once in a while for battery low.
That happens both in the new app and the classic app.
When I go to the app: nothing.
When I go to the event list in the app: nothing.
Since this is not a battery powered device, I don’t even understand why the DTH would care the battery level and forward that event…

Am I the only one?

Isn’t there a battery powered tilt sensor for that device? That sensor is what sends the “open“ and “closed“ notifications. So the low battery warning is for the sensor.

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Thanks JD, maybe yes. I didn’t think of it as I replaced the battery few months ago as I was getting unknow status on the opener. Will double check. I found strange there is no battery event in the detail log though.

The DTH is really a composite of two different devices, the garage controller and the sensor. I have no idea what the ST detail log would show.

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Just checked my battery in the sensor is still above 3V, just like a new one. Will check if I have to reset the opener to have it taking into account the new battery level.

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I’ve gotten the same messages. It’s frustrating, as there is nowhere to check the battery level of the tilt sensor, yet ST throws low battery messages.

I have two openers. The older, more frequently used, has never had a notification. They newer, less frequently used, has had notifications. However, I know that simply comparing the installation age of the two units isn’t a fair assessment of battery life. Replacing the battery in the tilt sensor for the unit getting the low battery notifications seems to have made the notifications go away.

As an aside, while I was getting the low battery notifications and before I replaced the battery, I received a number of false alerts. The door would report as open when it was not. This hasn’t happened since switching the battery.


Same here. That’s why I replaced the battery few months ago. But it did give me the battery low notification again yesterday so I measured the battery and put it back. And after my post, I got the garage door falsely detetected as “opening” and stay there whatever I actually opened/closed the door with the wall switch and remove again the battery in the tilt sensor, so I ended up fully resetting the opener and pair it again. I will check again over the week if I get either the notification of battery low or the false opening.

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Alright… got a new occurence of the “opening” state few mins ago. No battery low notification though…

It’s almost like we need to add a 2nd tilt sensor to confirm whether or not the GoControl sensor is reporting accurately.

You are right and as a matter of fact… I have a multipurpose sensor side by side with the opener sensor.

BTW the opening false state got back to closed 8min later without moving the door…

Anyway, I alway check both sensors show the same status.

I haven’t given it much thought, but you ought to be able to send a notification with WebCore if the two get out of sync.

nei… i am not a webcore user. Groovy was the way, stayed on it :grin:

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