Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave for Horizontal Gate

I recently picked up the Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller Accessory, thinking I would be able to use it to control my horizontal driveway gate. Now I was aware that it is designed for sectional garage doors; however, I was under the impression that I would be able to use it without the tilt sensor and that seems to not be the case.

Initially, my plan was to make a direct connection with the circuit of my remote gate opener. I found a very useful post on how to do that here:

The circuit on my remote is essentially the same, and I was hoping I could do a quick test by connecting the wires in the same way as mentioned in the above post, and simply use the GD00Z to complete the circuit and open/close the gate. I pared the unit with my smartthings hub, but unfortunately, it seems I can’t even send commands to it unless it has a connection with the included tilt sensor. I haven’t tried pairing it, as based on what I’m reading in the manual it seems like normal operation would require the sensor to report open/closed correctly each time, which isn’t possible with a horizontal gate. I was wondering if someone might have this working without the tilt sensor, or even if the tilt sensor is always reporting “open” or “closed”?

Failing that, it sounds like I could/should have just bit the bullet and got a much cheaper Z-wave or Zigbee dry contact bridge, maybe the FortrezZ MIMOlite? Anyone have success using a contact bridge with a small garage/gate remote unit to open and close a garage or gate?

What is preventing you from issuing the commands? A SmartApp? Because one device can’t talk to another except through a SmartApp. So, the only way that your device would know what the status of the other was is through a smartapp. What DTH and smartapp are you using?

People have used quite a few different options for gates. You can check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down to the bottom of that page for project reports, and select the list for gates. Some of those will just be for gate locks, but some of them are for openers. :sunglasses:

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That specific model is a two device set: The controller and its own linked tilt sensor. They don’t need a smartapp to talk to each other because the manufacturer has provided their own communication between them.

But the post he linked to didn’t talk at all about the linked tilt sensor. It would seem that this wouldn’t be appropriate for a horizontal gate. You’d either need to swap out the tilt for a contact (if you could) or go with something else. You know, a 12V car relay and a smartplug make a very cheap and easy gate/door actuator.

Hi Michael!
I just bought the GD00Z-4 and I have the same problem with an horizontal door. Did you solve your problem? If so, how?
Thank you!

I use the Linear/Go Control box for both my garage door, and my gate (ie I have two of them).

For the gate, I tied (soldered) the Linear “opener” leads to the button switch on a spare battery opener remote. My gate opener control board didn’t work nicely with the Linear, so this was my option to control the open/close action. Another bonus: the typical opener remote is powered by a 12vdc battery…the Linear box is powered by a 12vdc wall wart, so I just spliced into it for power to the remote (the remote takes so little power, it has no impact).

In order to detect “open/close”, I also used the tilt box…but soldered a pair of wires to switch inside it, which then connects to the limit switch on the gate. By mounting the tilt switch in the permanently “open” setting, I can then let the limit switch on the gate close the tilt switch contacts when it’s own switch closes. Works great.

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I ended up returning it, but it looks like miketx has posted a solution below if you’re comfortable with soldering.

Very cool! I ended up returning mine, but was going to do a similar thing in soldering the Linear leads to a spare battery opener remote. I didn’t have a solution for the “tilt sensor” preventing me from detecting open/close which prevented the unit from working, but your solution to use a limit switch on the tilt contacts is clever!

Hi miketx. I am interested in wiring my gate using the method you described. can you share pictures or more details regarding the pins you used on the tilt box switch and the terminals used on your gate controller board? Thanks.