GoControl Tilt Sensor for MyQ Garage Door Opener?

I upgraded my garage door opener and lost function in my ST compatible GoControl / Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Opener. My new Chamberlain works with MyQ, and that hub is compatible with ST through community efforts. However the title sensor that comes with MyQ doesn’t work and you need ANOTHER ST compatible title sensor.

My question is: does anyone know if the tilt sensor that comes with the GoControl opener works directly with the ST hub so it can be used to detect whether the door is open or closed… that’s the bit that you need, otherwise in ST it will always show in an “unknown” state.

It will not. The Go Control tilt sensor is 345 mhz i believe and communicates directly to the GD00z, and then the GD00z communicates to SmartThings.


Thanks… that’s what I feared. I guess I can sell the Go Control on eBay and use it to fund a tilt sensor. Any recommendations for a good garage tilt sensor that would work?

I use THESE. I made the mercury switch modification noted in the reviews. I have three of them and they work very well.