Gocontrol and Genie Promax Chain Glide 2


I’m trying to open/close my garage door via my ST app.

I’ve installed the Gocontrol sensor and my ST app has connected to the device.

When I manually open or close the garage door, the status is correctly reflected on my ST app.

But when I try to open/close with the ST app, the lights on the Gocontrol flash and there is the beeping sounds but the garage door does not move.

I think it may have to do with the wiring connections.

I have 6 available connections on the Genie Promax (see picture).

Can anyone advise where I need to connect the wires from the Gocontrol to the Genie Promax?


Best thing to do is to talk to gocontrol support.


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I cannot see all the connections in the photo but the Go Control mimics pushing a button so it shorts the wires, like what happens when you push the wired button. It should be connected in parallel to whatever wires come from your push button on the wall. None of the wires should go on any of your safety beam (beam across your opening) or limit terminals (stops the door when down or up). Mine was just common to push button. I see “Push Button” is empty on your terminal block. Double-check the manual but that would be the first thing I would try.

I have the same Genie opener. Looking to get the Go Control device. Did you get yours to work? Thanks

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