Go Control Essential Suite (2 Contact 1 Motion) $35 with Prime

Go Control Suite (2 Contact 1 Motion) $35 with Prime
***Not as good as some of the close out HD deals out there but those are not available everywhere.
These contact sensors can be modded for other applications such as a leak detector or pressure mat sensor.

Also available the Premium Suite $64 with free shipping


Placed an order for 1 as it said only one in stock. Site still showed one in stock so placed a second order, be curious to see if that goes through.

Sadly I just got two of these open/close sensors off ebay for $28. Rationalized it as being reasonable (it is) since I didn’t get in on the $10 Iris sensors. But I can use these for pressure pads at least.

Home Depot has been selling both of these sets at reduced clearance pricing for the past few months. I think they are $13/$25 dollars currently if there are any in stock. I believe these prices are nation wide.

Yup. I picked up a couple of the Premium units at the HD here for $25 this weekend. Much better deal if you can find them.

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Man I hate living in the least populous state sometimes. Then I look outside! :grinning:

Does anyone know if any of HD in CA have these ? I went to a couple of HD in bay area and was told they are only available online/not sold in stores. Has anyone found it differently ?

Yes, they have some at my local Santa Rosa, CA store. They also had some at the Windsor, CA store north of me a few weeks ago. I never noticed them until they were placed on clearance. Most of the boxes were dusty like they were sitting somewhere for awhile. Maybe they were never displayed. Check int he clearance section. It is usually at the end of an isle with the light bulbs. I have only seen them in the clearance sections.

Okay… good to know that, so there is a hope. I’ll keep checking in other stores nearby…Lemme know if anyone finds it in any of bayarea HD…SFO, Alameda etc…

@michaelahess, it’s not so bad here, if you’re willing to work at it a bit. Hard to find any of my 40M comrades here in Commiefornia in this picture, and all I had to do was get my ass out of bed at a decent hour and walk down there Saturday morning. That’s Capitola in the center. About 5-6 miles. Don’t jump on Hwy 1 at noon on a Saturday and expect to get there quickly. :slight_smile:

@DjAnu, if you’re going to the beach this weekend take a detour to the HD on 41st St in Capitola. You might find a few there.

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I just cleaned out my local home Depot. I bought 8 of the Essential suite for .01ct each. So I got 8 of them for .08. Couldn’t believe it it cost them more money to print the receipt out. I’ve been to 2 other depots but haven’t found anymore.

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