Globe Suite and ST Integration

I bought 2 Sonoff Zigbee plugs and 2 Sengled Zigbee bulbs. All works great with SmartThings and Alexa.

Now I’m stock with 2 Teckin plugs that do not work with Smartthings…

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Not really what I want though. I want to take advantage of the disk till dawn feature of smart lighting.
So in the SmartThings IDE do I create virtual switch or virtual motion sensor?
Then how to use this to trigger the Alexa routine?
None of this make much sense.

Which they don’t seem to have done so well.

That would be getting very far off topic for this thread, which is about the globe integration. So why don’t you start a new thread in the webcore section or the automation ideas section and then people can help walk you through exactly what you need to do for your set up. :sunglasses:

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I wonder how they determine what is a Global device. They sure benefit from the greater ecosystem. Does anyone know how you can tell? I know I have global devices. They don’t show up… In the global app they all look the same.

Their decision only breaks their ecosystem. Because USA consumers have absolutely no idea what is global and what is not.

Off topic for this thread, but you need to create a virtual device that looks like both a switch and either a motion or contact sensor (because Alexa can only trigger routines from either a motion or contact sensor, and ST can only change the state of a virtual switch automatically). Several ways to do this, here’s one:

It’s like anything else, Like telling whether something is Campbell Soup or Amy’s. The package when you bought it had the logo of the manufacturer. And in most cases the model number will be stamped on the device itself. Globe appears to also stamp their logo on most of their devices.


You can’t go just by looks because these days many electronics manufactured in China use the same external cases even though the internal design is different. It’s just a cost savings. But the model number will be individual.


Thanks. I actually managed to sort this about an hour after I posted. Something just clicked with my understanding of it :slight_smile:
Wish I had attempted it months ago instead of waiting for Globe Suite. Its a much better implementation.

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Except I am having problems with globe branded bulbs right now. I have posted this in their announcement thread as well as starting a support ticket. We will see… globe branded from Costco not recognized.

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Hi JDRoberts,
Let me tell you about Globe Suite. I am honestly software developer engineer at GS they obviously understand chinese language not English “a universal language is English” I’ve had reading their letter release talking the devices has certified and compliance " or certificated" with GS. This is a totally BS to me and look for an excuse that say they don’t know how to migration the database from Tuya / smartlife to GS database . Very dump…
When you’re logon GS integration app, the login address was pointed to so all thousands of customers already registered with Tuya/Smartlife not carry over that’s why your devices not show up.
I’m a software and network engineer this is not acceptable from GS letter release.

We have created a petition to let others know that GS brand is POS and bad support lack of knowledge backend database. I will posted comments on Amazon site let other know be aware this product. I will post comments on Costco let other know as well. Buy American support America Economy.

So you’re a software engineer at Globe Suite?


That post confuses me so much, but I think there’s supposed to be a period between “engineer” and “at”. The irony of calling out a company for not understanding English in such an incoherent manner is pretty hilarious though. :rofl:


Let’s not get into trouble. @AndreV, would you mind please, proofread your previous comments, and update them. If you have problem writing in English, then please use and cross check what you have just wrote. Otherwise punctuation matters.
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I followed all the steps and all worked . exactly as you described up to step 13. When I got to 14, it showed that it successfully connected but didn’t show the list of devices that I have in my global app. The screenshot sort of shows a success with a white box, that maybe would show something if the list was being populated.
If this helps others or provides additional, suggestions, I would be grateful. I am using a TUYA/ROHS 3 gang switch and have a light connected to 1 of them but would like to leverage the other switches as “sensors” that can control other things, for example preprogram a dimmer setting or trigger a scene, etc.

Globe Suite does not support non-Globe branded devices.

Globe is client of Tuya, still strange Tuya not supported while working in Globe Suite and Globe fully working in Google assistent/Home.

Is there a way to put Google assistent command in virtual device command for dimming light ?

Non-Globe branded Tuya devices may work in Globe apps but they do not work with the ST integration. So for instance, in my case I could use the Globe android app to work with my Lohas lights (which I was doing) but they no longer with with the integration into ST. Globe are now actively blocking this (under the premise non-globe devices may not work as well as globe ones and may affect the performance for genuine Globe users).
Maybe next they will do the same with their Globe apps themselves?
Anyway I have since uninstalled Globe android app and installed my devices in the Lohas android app (though this step was not really necessary, I do not want to find them possibly blocked in the globe app in the future).
As I need to control my lights so they come on/off, dusk till dusk (with motion sensors), I now use virtual switches in ST and the Smart Lighting, Smart App. This allows me to set them up in the Alexa app and works as good as, if not better than the globe integration.
Globe, who needs them? Not me, now :slight_smile:

I’ve sent a mail to Tuya, hopefully they undertake action to pursuede Globe to completely allow Tuya devices for they are client of Tuya…

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Hope you get back better responses than the jibberish I got.

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