Global color reference using ST routines

Hello all. Winding down all the WebCore pistons in anticipation of Groovy coming to an end and for now trying to replicate those in ST Routines. As expected there is not the flexibility as WebCore offers most of which I am ok with for now. The one that stands out and looking to get some more feedback on is the ability to have a preselected color applied to RGB product (strips, bulbs, etc) as it comes on. For example (in WebCore) on certain holidays it would have a specific color to use. In WebCore I managed this by setting a global variable that carried the color info, a switch that acted as a pre-condition to reference that color or not.

In ST Routines I have not found a way to replicate that somehow. One thought I had was to use one RGB bulb in a inconspicuous spot and have it act like a canary device. If a following device would turn on somehow it would pull the color off of that canary device using the color coordinator smart app but that smartapp doesnt appear to work that way.

Anyone have any other thought or method that they were able to make this work in?