Color wheel (box) in ST routines

Now that Webcore is going away, I am (sadly and reluctantly) moving my very cool automations to the basic ones that ST offers. But I am bummed that i can’t even pick the colors I want in ST. And I am not even talking about the ability to set RGB, or Hue/saturation (which would be ideal). It’s worse than that: the color picker in routines is missing an entire range of colors. (they seem to be there in just the regular device color setting page).
Let’s say I want to pick pink. If i am on the right side of the color picker, Blue stays at 255 up and down, but the color turns out too purple. To tone the blue down i have to move over to the left, but that is orange, not pink. See attached. There is no way to go from 255 blue to lower, except all the way to 150.

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If you use SharpTools you can set the colors by Hue, Saturation and Level in their rules.

I am assuming that’s the iPhone.
On Android is even worse. There are no RGB values. I can only guess what I’ll get

On Android the RGB only shows if you’re creating a routine or scene. Same issue that @AmonRa identified with the pinks. But also worse since each color maxes out at 252.

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The screenshots above are on Android, in Routines/scenes. I have a scene that sets the light to as pink as possible (right side of graph). If i then go to the device itself and look at the current color, is is no longer all the way out (ie those other colors are showing up here that are missing in routines and scenes. And there are no RGB values here). But the “recent colors” are also not staying constant though the app, i see “recent colors” for devices and another set of recent colors for routines and scenes. Seems like two different developers wrote each part.
As for SharpTools: i did look at both that and Actiontiles. However, since i am now losing many hours of work i put into Webcore, i don’t want to see the same thing happen again when Samsung again changes things up. Already happened twice (classic app and now groovy going away). So i will stay within the infrastructure, with whatever limitations it comes with.