Gledopto on/off wall switch Zigbee

Ordered this wall switch, EU size (round back).

Seen on Reddit.

According Gledopto it works with Smartthings v2.

Needs a neutral wire to operate.

Grtn Ben

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Let us know how it does. Quite a few people in the community have other gledopto devices which seem to work pretty well. :sunglasses:

The switch is received. I added it to the SmartThings hub by connecting a power cord to the switch.

First recognized as a Thing, chanced to Zigbee switch, working well.

Now I am pulling a neutral wire to the switch.

Standby for updates

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I needed to open the switch with the biggest screwdriver that fitted in the slot of the cover and even then it was too hard to open, the soft plastic got damaged and broke off partly.

The Zigbee and the touch pad electronics are mounted in the glass panel, connected with a 6-pin header to the base. Due to the difficult way of removing and installing the glass front, the pins of the header bent.

Time to throw away the switch. A bad design and poor quality. An other Z-Wave switch I have is everything in the base, the frontpanel is only the glass, the electronics and the touchsensors are in the base.

Grtn Ben

The white base is part broken off from one of the mounting holes when opening the switch.

(the Neo CoolCam switch I prefer)

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