Silly github integration question


I have github integration setup, and have installed some apps directly via this - works great.

however I have quite a few existing apps I’d like to connect the source code to - so i can update it with the latest code easily (pull?)

For example I use eric66 sensibo connect. He commits this to smartthings public branch here:

Do I have to uninstall this app and reinstall it from the public branch (which I have added the master already to my ide) ? or do I just add another repo under smartthings public branch under eric’s name and under branch enter"master/smartapps/ericg66/" then add it under source control settings on the app?

This seemed to work but I have no idea if it’s correct. Doing an update from repo and selecting master/smartapps/ericg66/s repo shows nothing.

Id’ really appreciate any advice -