GitHub integration broken (Internal Server Error)?

When I click on any device handlers that were created from Github repos I get “Error 500: Internal Server Error”. When I click on Update from Repo and select a repo I simply get a spinning wheel. Also one handlers I know is synced with a Repo is now flagged as “file not in any repository”.

I can log into GitHub OK and everything seems fine that end.

Is it me or a more general problem? I’m in the UK if that makes any odds.

Have a look here…

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Thanks. Seems its a general fubar. I’ll bookmark that page for future reference :slight_smile:

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why does it take posting a thread on here till you acknowledge the issue. I Reported this on feb. 8th and even told you it had to do with you breaking the github integration because if you changed the github from master to none, or you had a device type that was not from master it worked fine…

Because ST does as ST does. It’s their world, we just play in it. :confused:

If you want to see how often us regulars get frustrated and poke fun at ST about it, just look at almost any of the [insert service here] outage - [date] threads.

To be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find ST actually acknowledging an issue people raise here in the forums.

they acknowledged it… i got one response then they dropped the ball and did nothing till many people complained.

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Yup… I got the same thing when they had Alexa issues. 5 emails to support for them to finally admit “yeah, there’s an issue”.

Don’t get me wrong. I love ST and the staff that interacts with us here (@tyler, you will be missed) are great. But, their support is less than stellar.

GitHub integration should be working again. Please let support know if you’re still experiencing any issues.

Not a GitHub issue, but I get an internal server error whenever I try to create a device in the IDE.