Enabling GitHub Integrations?

(Dan) #1

So I enabled Github this morning, not really knowing what I was doing, just following the online instructions.
Now when I get to my Smart Apps, it is not intregated and the ‘Enable Github Integration’ button is back. Before I settings or something.

Now when I click the ‘Enable Github Integration’ button, it doesn’t go to the authorization pages, it just goes to a page that says, "Using these tools you can manage your hubs and devices, give them unique names, and organize them into locations and groups.
Access your developer tools: create your own apps, create your own device types, view your logs, and access developer documentation."

(Matt) #2

yeah me too (20cHAR)


See post here, it is broken and they know about it, open a ticket with support, the more people that complain the sooner they might look at it!

(Brian Salyer) #4

So until it is fixed, does that mean we can not obtain automatic updates on code changes?