Github integration and 'differences'

I am a ‘mere’ user of Smartthings and some Smartapps and DHTs. Wherever possible I have added these via the GitHub integration. As a Brit I am using the EU server.

This mostly works fine for me but in a couple of cases and it happens to have been the two most recent ones I added, I noticed that the Smartthings portal via which I add and update these it is implying changes between what my local copies are and what are in the relevant GitHub repos.

Upon closer examination I can see that the only difference is that the code locally has one or more blank lines at the very end of the groovy code whereas the copy of the same version in the repo does not. Now I suppose coincidentally both developers might have edited their code and removed these blank lines without changing the version but as this has just happened for the second time and I spotted it this time immediately after adding the new DHT it seems the problem is in Smartthings GitHub integration adding these blank lines.

Anyone else noticed something similar? Any suggestions? Do we need to report this up the food chain to the Smartthings team?