Ghost events from Ecolink Tilt Sensor

I have one of these attached to my garage door and I keep getting quite a few “ghost events” i.e. random open and close events when the door is not moving. I’ve tried network repair and the device is well within range. Sometimes the events come in really late (up to 10 minutes late sometimes).
Any ideas on what might be going wrong? Also, let me know what device type I should be using.

I had similar ghost events from my linear garage door opener. I don’t think it’s the devices.
ST support check edit out and they couldn’t explain it. Report it to ST and they will check the logs.

I was getting storms of those alerts, every few weeks, then nothing out of the ordinary in between. Switched batteries, but it didn’t seem to change anything. I just replaced my relay/tilt sensor combo with a proper Nutone/Liner z-wave controller. Hopefully that helps.

This seems to be problematic device, looking at online reviews this appears to be a common problem. I think the only real solution is to avoid this device.

I took the thing apart and noticed that the sensor was oriented at 45 degrees, I bent it a bit so it would be closer to 90 degrees from the PCB. This seems to have helped for now.

Sounds like hyperbole, but truly, this sensor is my most reliable device. Never gives me a lick of trouble and never fails.

I’m getting a lot of phantom events on mine recently. Replaced the battery and I’m still getting the open/close alerts (but the door hasn’t opened). The only thing I can figure out that is triggering it is the combo of the cold temps and wind (shaking the door). I’ll try to fiddle with the sensor inside to make it less sensitive.

Any other ideas other than replace it with something else (that I’d prefer not to do…)?

mine triggers too when its windy. maybe there is a software way to adjust sensitivity on these?