Eco link tilt sensor ghost

So, I’ve been using an Eco link tilt sensor on my garage vehicle door for quite a while now (prob 7-8 months). Operationally, it’s extremely reliable. When the door is up, it shows open, when the door is down it shows closed. However, I get a ton of false alarms with it. I knew I was having them before, but I don’t think I realized how many until SHM was added. Since then, I’ve been looking at the logs and it appears the false alarms are a regular ocurance. They seem to be momentary, and reset themselves, but it’s still annoying. Anyone else have this issue? Is it just a bad unit?

More importantly (just to me), how are these ghost signals being generated? It’s a physical ball switch, so it’s not like it’s being accidentally closed and opened really quickly. Anyone?