Ghost device problem recurrent appear

Hello, I have a problem, I see an Ikea bulb that I do not have, I delete it from the application and it reappears, I delete it from the ide and it reappears, some idea ??.

Thank you.

Try this:

“In my house there’s this light switch that doesn’t do anything. Every so often I would flick it on and off just to check. Yesterday, I got a call from a woman in Germany. She said, ‘Cut it out.’

~ Steven Wright

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Hahaha, how it’s possible? And how can get the woman your number?.

Problem is that my bulb appear after I delete it, I have deleted more than 8 times and this appear again.

There are way to delete?

When you say the bulb “reappears” after you delete it…does that mean that the “Remove” operation (in the app) indicates that is was successful, but then the bulb reappears at some later time? Or is the Remove simply failing?

Here are capture. I remove and after hours or one day the bulb is here again!!!

If you don’t have an Amazon Alexa (UK) app installed either, and you live on the other side of big the pond. Then likely @anon36505037 will tell you to Cut it out.’ ” because he cannot tell Alexa to turn his new bulb on …LOL… that is bizarre…


  1. Did you ever actually have the bulb in question connected to your ST hub?

  2. Do you have a UK Alexa account?

  3. If you do have a UK Alexa account, is/was the bulb known to it?

  4. If the bulb was controllable via your Alexa account (if you have/had one), have you tried deleting it from the Alexa app and then deleting it from your ST app?


If you never owned the bulb, then it’s a database problem in the cloud. It has happened occasionally. One community member reported having a “dining room sensor” show up on his account when he didn’t even have a dining room!

If that’s the problem, you will have to contact support and they will have to fix it.

If you ever had this bulb, then it could be automatic discovery from superLAN connect if it is connected to a hue bridge. Unfortunately, this one is not a fixable problem, as smartthings is set up to automatically discover anything connected to a hue bridge whether you want it to or not. :disappointed_relieved:

Yesterday the bulb was online and I switch off and on for minutes :). After this I remove it and for the moment not appear again.
Yes, the Alexa uk account is mine.
I have delete it from Alexa.


Hi, this bulb appears while I were adding aqara temperature sensor, perhaps causality is from a neighbour.


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Go into the IDE and delete it there.

I should not have postponed my optometrist appointment. My apologies.


Hi, I dont know how or why but I delete again and dosnt appear. !!!