getWeatherFeature() Error Checking


Just created a Smart App to check if the potential for frosted car windows exist in the morning. I have this app check at a specified time and only if the conditions for frost are present, send a text message. My code works fines, not sure about my frost algorithm yet, but I have no error checking.

I know what the proper response should be when using getWeatherFeature(“conditions”, zip). However, how do I check for bad or no data? I have no idea what these conditions look like and can’t determine how to properly check for them? My concern is that the getWeatherFeature() stops working and I never know it. I’d like to set up an option that notify’s me if an error occurs.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Try this but perhaps looks for different keyword

Was able to find an example that appears to meet my needs:

data = getWeatherFeature( “conditions”, zipcode )
if (data.response.containsKey(‘error’)) {
//do something