Getting Started. Advice and direction needed


I’m new to the whole Smart Home scene and was looking for suggestions on the best way to get started.

So far I have acquired the following equipment.
Philips Hue starter kit 4 white bulbs. Includes the hub.
SmartThings hub
Two Sengled bulbs
Alexa dot

I’d like to start getting my home “smarter” but I’m not sure exactly how to procede. I don’t want a ton of hubs and various different switches. I’d like to choose the right products and build from there.

Projects to start with.

  1. Starting in my office I have 4 can lights and one switch that controls them. Would it be best to put a Sylvania Lightify over the switch and pair my hue hub to my smartthings hub? Is there a different switch to install instead? Philips hue switch isn’t next to the actual switch? Lutron Caseta?

  2. I have two sconces on my fireplace that have no home wiring. Just going to put two smart bulbs in them. How should I control these or bulbs to use?

My end game for home automation is I want everything to work with Alexa, and also able to be run via app on phones and a tablet running action tiles that would control everything in the house.

I appreciate any advice you might have or resources/tutorials you could point me to.

Thank you!

As far as using any smart light bulbs, I’d stick with the hue bulbs. If ST goes down you’ll still be able to control them with the hue app. You mentioned you wanted a switch, but do you plan on making your whole home a Smart Home? I guess it depends on how many other switches you plan on upgrading in the future. If you plan on doing a decent amount, I’d probably do Z-Wave switches. From what I’ve read Lutron Caseta is very reliable though. What else you plan or want to upgrade will effect the answers given, so give us the big picture idea you have.

The bigger picture would include the following.

  1. Installing smart Sclage front door look
  2. Smart lights in kitchen. Can lights as well as under cabinet lighting.
  3. Smart lights in basement that is used for movies, playroom and general use. 14 lights in total. 10 lights are controlled by two three way switches and the other 4 by a single pole switch. All of those don’t need to be smart bulbs.
  4. Garage door
  5. Security sensors maybe
  6. Nest thermostat

I do use the tp-link plug outlet connected to Alexa controlled via Kasa app and really like it. I could see doing more of that with lamps.

Thanks for the reply!