Getting started with automation -- achieve a glow effect behind TV?

I’m trying to put together a cheap solution to achieve a glow effect behind my TV. So far I chose these items :

First of all, do I have everything needed to make it work? (I also selected a simple DC12V adapter but I can’t post it because of the links limitation)

I think it should be good from the research I’ve been doing. However, I’m planning on buying a SmartThings Hub soon to automate some other stuff I’m purchasing (LED bulbs for now) and I’d like to make sure once I have it I can set it up with my TV LED strip.

Do you think the Wifi controller I selected would work with SmartThings? I’m very beginner with this smart stuff so I really have no idea :frowning:

Thank you!

No, this device will not work with SmartThings out of the box. Someone may have created a custom integration, but otherwise you always want to refer to our Works With SmartThings website for device compatibility questions.

I’m achieving this same effect with a Philips Hue LightStrip. I have it taped to the back of the TV and it turns on when my TV turns on. You’d need the LightStrip and the Hue Bridge for that to work, but we also support other strips like the one from OSRAM LIGHTIFY.


How much of an effort would it be to start from scratch and create the custom integration with SmartThings? I’m a developer so maybe I could do it - it would be helpful for someone else surely and would help me understand the “SmartThings world” better

No idea as I haven’t seen that controller before. It’d probably be significantly easier to start with something someone has already integrated.


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Same here.

Kind of overkill though… I have a USB-powered bias light that I got from Amazon for like $10. It turns on when the TV goes on, and off a few minutes after the TV goes off.

Alternatively I guess I can get some cheap-o controllable outlet and plug a USB light into that using a regular USB power adapter and control it on demand, rather than letting the TV do it.

Color configurable?

Good point… although the one that I’m using is white, and that does a great job for blacks as a bias light, particularly when watching TV at night with the lights off.

With that said, having a color-configurable bias light just because you can change the color is actually not a good of an idea. TVs (and by extension film and digital video, light tables and viewing booths) are color corrected to have a 6500K white reference point. Having any kind of light as a bias light that’s not the right temperature will actually make things worse.

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I like the effect.

After installing a Hue lightstrip behind my TV and then realizing my Samsung 75" 4K set is one model year too old to integrate with SmartThings (to turn the lights on and off with the TV), I came to the same conclusion as you. Amazon is flooded with sub-$15 70" RGB USB powered lightstrips. I will find another use for my Hue strips.
I will be honest though, it stings a tiny bit installing a new non-smart light in my house!