Why use Philips hue vs smart switch

What are the benefits of using Hue instead of a smart switch?
Does the hue require an extra hub?

My home does not have the proper wiring to support smart switch. Its awesome for people who want a plug and play solution.

I do not need to mess with electrical to move a controlled light if i want. I just swap out the bulb.

Hub is required for now… they are looking at ways to exclude the hub.

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The main benefit to the hues are color control. Swapping out a switch is relatively simple.

if your thinking hues, check out this deal ending tomorrow


I actually like the hub. It has an awesome API that lets me control Hue from practically anything, with far more control (groups, transition times) than SmartThings offers currently.

So how do you keep people from turning the switch off? No power to the light means the lights won’t work.

We just don’t use switches in my house any longer :wink:

You can also eliminate the switch by connecting the hot and passive wires. I did this with a few of my switches.

For me, it is definitely smart switches where possible (I have an old house with new wiring). This gives me the flexibility to use both the physical and virtual control.

I use Hues and TCP bulbs in lamps and few other places like our closets, which don’t have switches (we left the original pull cord fixtures). For the closets, I have door sensors in places so the lights turn on when the closet door is open.

Pretty much this, but you can also tie Hues to another smart switch. For instance:

In my main living space, my Hues start ramping up over 30 minutes, 30 minutes before it gets dark. And at 6:30, the kitchen island Hues always come on/change color to remind me to start thinking about dinner plans. But if I want to get started on dinner earlier, turning on the light over the kitchen sink from a smart switch will put the Hues in that same mode.

Lights in bedrooms and baths are controlled by sensors, with different behavior based on time of day. It all depends on how much thought you want to put into your HA. For me, I can’t honestly remember the last time I touched a light switch.

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@scottinpollock You need to do a video of your home setup because the more I hear about it the more it intrigues me.

LOL. Of course that would have to be precluded by me getting it finished, and cleaning up all of the little bits and pieces that are currently strewn about (including a samsung DLP sitting on the kitchen table that I have been parting out for months). (c;

@scottinpollock I bet all of our houses look the same: At any time, 20+ projects in varying states of progress. :smiley: I’m interested, your stuff sounds neat.

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