Getting Light Controlled by Fibaro Relay to Trigger Another?


In the days before I moved to ST, I used VeraLite. And this meant I could set up a trigger so that when I turned on a light (which had a Fibaro relay in) then it turned on a lamp in the same room.

It worked incredibly smoothly. Turn on the light at the wall, and the main light and the lamp came on.

But this doesn’t work with ST. Sure, I can use SmartLighting to say “when study light turned on, turn on study lamp”, but this only works when I use the SmartThings app. Otherwise the trigger doesn’t work.

It would seem the issue is that when I flip the switch in my study, the state is not being updated in SmartThings and it’s not executing my SmartLighting routine.

I’ve searched the forums, and people have suggested Pollster, but even this seems to require a whole minute to get device state changes to ST. Is there any alternative? Should I (a) change back to VeraLite? (b) Make my Z-Wave devices talk to the VeraLite controller, and hack something from there. Or © is there something else I can do?


I’m too tired to look into the details on this right now, but there’s probably a parameter setting on the fibaro device type handler that will fix this. Hopefully someone else can check it for you. What’s the exact model number of the Fibaro that you are using? And do you know which device type handler you have installed for it?



Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I changed the type to Fibaro Dimmer (although it is technically just a Relay) and now it works perfectly.

I can’t say thank you enough

Regards, Robert

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