Getting ghost notifications from Aeon Door Bell

I just started using an Aeon Door Bell, and have also configured an SMS notification to be sent when the button is pushed.

I have notice that I am seeing a lot of SMS notifications, even though the button is not pushed, and the device events are not being seen.

Has anyone experience this type of behavior?

Which device handler are you using?

Yours :slight_smile:

If I open the door bell under My Things, the “Recent” tab shows an accurate view of how often and when the door bell was used. It is far fewer than the notifications I have been receiving

There’s a known issue with this device where it randomly plays the first track. If you replace the first track with an mp3 that plays a few seconds of silence, you shouldn’t experience this problem anymore.

The documentation on my device handler page has a link to an mp3 file you can use.

i am not hearing anything play from the alarm, nor do I see any indication of an event triggered on the device.

Under SmartApps, I was monitoring when “Someone arrives”. When detected, i had a SMS notification sent to my phone number. It is the SMS notifications that were being sent w/o any indication that an event occurred with the door bell.

The “Presence Sensor” feature has nothing to do with someone ringing the doorbell or arriving.

When the device is polled or the refresh button in the mobile app is pressed, a command gets sent to the device. If the device responds within 10 seconds, it sets the presence to “present”, otherwise it sets it to “not present”. You should only see the change in the activity log if the presence changes from one to the other.

It’s purpose is to be able to detect when you’re internet goes down or you lose power. The false alerts you’ve been receiving are probably related to the issues ST has been having lately.

If you don’t want the presence sensor functionality, switch to the Aeotec Doorbell DTH. It’s a stripped down version of Aeon Labs Multifunction Doorbell DTH that provides all the features that are commonly used.

Thanks for the reply and details. I do want the presence feature enabled. My intent is to introduce logic that if the door bell is pressed during specific times, I want to turn on the front lights, if they are not already on. Having these false notifications would impact this ability

Use button one pushed as the trigger instead of presence.